Tracey Cox EDGE Ultimate Performance Stamina Penis Pump

edge-stamina-pumpTracey Cox Edge Stamina ($46)

The Tracey Cox EDGE has been designed to be as simple as possible to operate whilst maximizing the efficiency of the pump for improving sexual performance, making this high quality penis pump the perfect choice for beginners. The Tracey Cox Edge penis pump will increase the size of your erections, as well as increase stamina.

Shots Toys Automatic USB Rechargeable Penis Pump

shots-toysShots Toys ($104)

A USB powered fully re-chargeable penis pump, this powerful pump will give you an increase in erection size if used regularly.

Two simple buttons operate the 3 suction speeds, while a third button acts as a quick-release valve.

Use for 10 minutes at a time and look through the transparent cylinder case of the pump to see just how big and jacked your penis has become!

Measurements are in CM one one side and inches on the other.

This penis pump is also noted for the ease with which it can be cleaned.

Black Jack Stroker

Black Jack Strokerblack-jack-stroker ($60)

Super powerful penis pump/blowjob machine in one!

You can control both the sucking AND vibration speed with this interesting device which is both a vacuum penis pump that will inflate your penis, as well as an advanced robotic male masturbator.

A couple of customers have suggested that the sucking action of the toy is more painful than pleasurable, so you may want to think twice before buying this thing.


Top Gauge Pro Pressurized Pump

Top Gauge Pumptop-gauge ($59)

The ‘Top Gauge’ is a penis pump with a couple of stand out features.

The flared cylinder base has been designed with the intention of making this pump particularly comfortable, as well as efficient.

This pistol grip pump also comes with an industrial standard pressure gauge for you to monitor the pumping action.

Some customers have claimed that the increase in penis size generated by the powerful pump can last up to 24 hours.

Certainly worth checking out at this low price.

Automatic Sta-Hard Penis Pump

Sta-Hard Pumpsta-hard ($57)

This is one of the cheapest penis pumps you can buy, yet it contains one of the most advanced features of any pump on the market – it is fully automatic.

Just squeeze the trigger of the ‘gun’ and the cylinder will start pumping your penis into a massive erection!

The cylinder also contains standard penis pump features such as measurement markings to check your progress.